Do you need a system administrator?

For organizations

0. Do you have critical data loss which your firm will incur a loss, and you do not know how everything will be restored and what will be downtime.
1. Do you have a server on the network and it is unknown when the last audit was conducted stability and security.
2. You want to extend / add a branch / office jobs.
3. Need additional services and protocols (corporate email, Web, FTP, VPN, Active Directory, DNS, DHCP, WINS, Proxy ...), to improve the efficiency of doing business.
4. You don't like how slow the server and the frequent complaint of users.
5. During working hours lost access to the servers, shared resources, the Internet.
1001. The company needs a full restoration of IT infrastructure.

For individuals

0. You do not want to waste your time on it to go into all the subtleties and nuances of the current problems in front of you.
1. You understand that, "he broke / not loaded", and the disk has lots of photos and video that you do not want to lose.
2. You want to change / upgrade your operating system and generally make your computer work faster.
3. You need to configure the backup personal data, or any other data.
4.Do you want to buy a computer / server and launch a website on the Internet.
5. You need to buy / install / configure the network to an ISP, and organize your home network from the N-number of computers.

Designated items here are not full range, which you can use our system administrator, and cited as an example.