What is his job?

Does the profit of the firm depend on the system administrator?

Unequivocally answer this question it is possible, but it would be just my opinion, but in reality is always different.

Can a system administrator to promote the company?

From experience I know for sure that not all system administrators perform all their duties. Therefore, when a system administrator arrives at a new job, he recalls his colleague.

For example, documentation.
In my memory was the only time I gave something - a crumpled sheet of paper on which were written in illegible handwriting any passwords. It is good that the appointment of these passwords, knew one of the employees, which has shared with me this information.

The above is not as scary as the fact that the backups or non-existent, or is performed infrequently or manually.
What could be the worst for just sitting on the work of system administrator?
This loss of available data firm. Therefore, the most important and mandatory that there should be organized - a backup.

Licensing policy in the company should also be carried out by the system administrator, along with the choice of optimal variant of the license.

The system administrator must often think about how to simplify your work, automate daily processes and increase the time to explore new technologies and the further introduction of them in the work environment, thereby increasing the quality of business processes.

If you have a state department or employee who is responsible for information security, the system administrator needs constant cooperation, or arrange everything himself, after agreeing with the boss.

So, what is the system administrator must perform in order to facilitate the development of the firm?
1. Backup
2. The documentation
3. Optimal licensing
4. Organisation for Security Policy
5. Organization of labor
6. Development Strategy of IT infrastructure
7. Develop yourself as an expert

All seven of these points are well contribute not only to develop a system administrator, but firm, and as a consequence results in greater profits.